Why Hidayah Academy?

Our 6 through 12th grade college preparatory Islamic school provides your children with what they need to succeed.

We’re committed to every student. Our student-teacher ratio is very small ensuring academic, emotional & social support.

We offer a unique Islamic School environment where students are encouraged & taught to balance both their American & Islamic identities without shying away from questions & clarifications.

We’re committed to creating a healthy, academic environment where our students welcome & embrace their academic challenges. Our curriculum is rated among the best by Edreports and considered honors in surrounding public schools.

Our students are recognized every quarter for good character traits, they get a chance to run the school convenience store, and are encouraged to give jummah sermons and lead prayers in addition to other classes and activities.

We hire & retain highly educated teachers & administrative personnel. Teachers are highly experienced and continue to grow through our professional development process. Administrators & board members each contribute in their respective field of expertise.

We offer a variety of programs for student enrichment aside from academics. Students are offered professional shadowing opportunities annually in various fields. Students are required to volunteer & give back to their community.

We offer students personalized academic counseling to fit their needs. Hidayah works closely with colleges to ensure admission to colleges of choice.

We offer juniors and seniors who are excelling academically the opportunity to take college level courses at Northern Virginia Community College. We offer support to ensure academic success.

Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is to provide a safe environment for young American Muslims to develop academically, morally and spiritually. We believe that students need to understand, value and accept their Islamic identity as well as strive in becoming successful contributors to the society they live in. We believe in classic education with emphasis on integration of Islamic concepts cross curricula.



Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Classes Included